Six Experiments

In our research, we aimed to develop projects using robotic arms in collaboration with artists and designers who had no prior experience with these machines. We wanted to cover a broad range of fields and techniques, allowing these projects to serve as diverse case studies.

This section presents projects selected through a call for proposals, which yielded around 40 submissions. After a jury process, five projects have been selected for development.

These projects were developed through an iterative process, with each involving several consecutive working sessions lasting 1–3 days with the artists and designers. Due to the unique nature of each project, we were able to develop specific working methods, code, and tools tailored to each one. It’s important to note that all projects used a Universal Robot UR10, the robotic arm available for our research. Consequently, some code examples might be specific to this platform.

The sixth project took a different approach, involving 40 students from the Bachelor in Product Design and Bachelor in Media & Interaction during a one week workshop at ECAL.